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Mom 2.0 Was It!

Mom 2.0 2017 Conference

I went, I saw, I conquered Mom 2.o 2017 and it was IT! It was fun, informative, relaxing, impactful and more. I had a great time and I hope to make Mom 2.0 my annual conference/mother’s day/mama needs a getaway trip. Where do I begin? 

Mom 2.0 was my first time away from my kiddos. Two days away from the little people I gave birth to and I survived. And guess what? So did they.  I have so many thoughts to share on being away from my kids. Just know I should have stayed for the last day of the conference instead of rushing back but that’s a post for another day. And thanks to Chatbooks for sending a beautiful chat book to my room filled with pics of my babies. That really made me feel ok. 

So Mom 2.0 Was IT! 

Mom 2.0 2017 Conference

Mom 2 was Fun

I roomed with 4 of the fab five and our other member was just across the hallway so yep we stayed up late talking smack, laughing and debriefing from the day’s events. We arrived the morning of the conference which was also the day we presented our panel on Teamwork Makes the Dream Work. Early check-in was so necessary so thanks, Ritz Carlton. There’s a reason why you are my favorite hotel. 

Mom 2.0 2017 was it.

We danced up a storm at the welcome party. We danced and danced and laughed and danced some more. At around 7 pm I was said my goodnights but while I was standing in line for a treat to take back to the room, the music got good so to the dance floor I went. And then we sat poolside and talked and laughed. Just know when moms get together, a lot of fun, crazy stories about our kids and wondering if dads are surviving all end in fits of hilarious laughter. 

I needed that fun. 

Mom 2.0 2017 was it.

Mom 2 was Informative 

We rocked our panel y’all. The feedback was amazing so I will say our panel was informative. The sessions I went to were also informative. I got all my note taking life in the podcast session. Podcasting is high on my list of things to do so this was the session I circled in my book and added an alarm for because I just couldn’t miss it. 4 pages of notes later, I’ve found my podcast partner. She was right here all along so stay tuned. 

I have notes from several other sessions that rocked and I shared a story in the Similac suite during a discussion on Motherhood. Shout out to my mama for always holding me down and my grandmum in heaven for all the old school old Caribbean remedies. 

Mom 2.0 2017 Conference

And the brands…

When brands email you before hand, you know a hug, a high five and some great connecting is going to happen. And it did! I went into Mom 2.0 with no expectations from brands but the connections were so real. The suites were amazing, the new projects and the current trends were all informative. The brands were good. More to come on that too. 

Mom 2.0 2017 Conference


Mom 2 was Relaxing 

Listen, most of you that visit here are moms. And even if you are not, you definitely know how tiring and overwhelming adulting can be. Conferences can be very tiring but for Mom 2.0, I didn’t feel that way. I made it my business to plug in time to exercise, chill, sleep and just be still. Do you know what two nights of uninterrupted sleep feels like for a sleepless mama? Feels like what I suppose heaven is like. Eating a meal without little fingers on your plate? Long hot showers? Yes, those are still a thing mamas. Long uninterrupted hot showers still exist out there. Those two days were glorious. I missed my kids but I missed this part of life just a little bit more. And Y’all, it’s the Ritz-Carlton. All mamas are worthy of a stay at Ritz Carlton. Ritz Carlton SOBE was my preferred place of stay before kids so yeah I felt like I was living that high life. 

Mom 2.0 2017 was it.

Plus it was like a fun sleepover for moms rooming with my crew. 

Mom 2.0 2017 was it.

Mom 2 was Impactful 

I haven’t implemented everything I planned just yet but Mom 2 was just the kick I needed to set some plans in motion. It was a game changer. I laugh because LaShawn said “reentry is hard” when we were all chatting about how we were feeling post-Mom 2.0 and those words are so true. I have yet to do the mountain of laundry I came back to. Reentry is hard! 

I will officially say that Mom 2 will be the first conference I consider for 2017 and all the years to come while I am still on this blogging train. I will have to come back and add more details but for know, just know Mom 2.0 was it and you definitely want to add it to your list. And one last thing, I’m in pictures guys. I shy away for pictures but Mom 2.0 made me feel like I deserve to be in pictures. And thank you Kita for snapping pics of me 🙂



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